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    News on Nepenthes of Indochina !
    I had some computer problems in the last months, so
    the updating was delayed, but now here it is!

    -a strange plant was discovered in a lowland jungle,
    see the pics and a few infos in the note 16 of The
    South map

    -N. smilesii has been found in the lowlands, see one
    pic and a few infos in the note 5 of The South map

    -some more informations about the Kirirom n.p. in
    Cambodia, by Julien Jedrusiak, see note 2 of the
    Cambodia map

    -you can finally give a look at the short text
    dedicated to N. anamensis (now called N. smilesii) and
    N. thorelii in "A skeletal revision of Nepenthes", by
    M. Jebb and M. Cheek, see the part "What’s on the
    books" in my long research

    -Heiko Rischer provided some more pics of N. smilesii
    in habitat on Phu Kradung.

    Just go to the site's homepage and you'll reach these
    links very easily (always check the bottom of the page
    for any updating).

    Please, if you visit these countries: respect Mother
    Nature, take photos of pitcher plants and tell your
    story. That’s the main way to improve this website and
    our general knowledge about Nepenthes from Indochina!

    By the way, the visits to my website are
    becoming stable, about 70 per week, mainly from Asia
    and the United States.

    Marcello Catalano
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    That is a very good site.

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    The topic about the new kind of nepenthes living deep in the jungle was very interesting. It does look like an ampullaria...
    Mom says: "Its stupid to collect plants that all look alike! Get a new hobie!"

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