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Thread: Wine cabinet

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    I can get a wine cabinet cheap. Has anybody tried one for growing neps (highland)?

    I've also been offered one cabinet for displaying icecreams. it's one of those tall ones with a glass door.

    I think they will cool enough, but a lot of work is involved to modify termostats. I don't know how they will behave with water on the bottom. Also puttings lights can be difficul as these cabinets are vertical. How would I place the plants?

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    Well, if I were going to do the freezer thing, I'd put some sort of water tray or gutter system in to catch the water before it gets to the bottom of the freezer, if only to make cleaning easier. I'd also use some silicon epoxy to seal up the bottom of the cabinet, just in case. As far as lights go, I'd only put them where they won't be exposed to falling water, and choose lights appropriate to the shelf height I'm using.
    Good luck - keep us updated!
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