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Thread: Nepenthes alata

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    Nowhere around here have I ever seen a Nepenthes of any kind for sale (except the little "domed" ones that are already mostly dead). I saw several alatas for sale when dh and I were in another town, and just happened upon a plant sale. They even had pitchers! Remembering they like high humidity and lower temps, I figured I couldn't keep one alive in the desert. (They prefer early morning temps around 50-60F according to Savage Garden - how would I ever manage that in SUMMER?) Winter might not be so bad, but wouldn't one gradually die if the temps in summer never get below 75F, even at night, with the air on? This was MONTHS ago, and I still think about it, and wonder if I shouldn't have just bought one anyway and tried to make it happy. Savage Garden DOES say they can adjust pretty well to higher or lower temps, but mine seem extreme when compared to what they prefer. Any thoughts?

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    Hmm... I think it might be a shaky proposition as a houseplant, but there's no reason why you can't raise one in a terrarium. Give it a try - you'll probably be pleasantly surprised. I know there are successful Nep growers in Arizona on the forums, so I imagine you've got a sporting chance. Take a look at Nepenthes Around the House and Nepenthes for Everyone.
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