EP = Exotica Plants
BE= Borneo Exotics
MT = Malesiana Tropicals
CE = Captive Exotics
CC = Charles Clarke
CL = Ch'ien Lee

Who did I forget?

BTW (=by the way), Trent, seems like we have the same crosses from EP. Its always hind sight when after you purchase a particular cross and as they grow, I wish i got more then. Oh well. Who knew that something with thorelii 2x's and rafflesiana AND veitchii could be so beautiful!

I got a few N. macfarlanei (both red and purple) crossed with sibuyanensis that is turning out just gorgeous and huge. Another cross that seems so simple is the cross between N. spectabilis x veitchii. Its one of my favorites!

Wait until I get my new camera, I'll show ya!

Have a Happy Fourth everyone!