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Thread: Stressed n. ramispina x sanguinea

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    I got my N. ramispina x sanguinea last year from BE. It was a fantasic grower last summer with one good pitcher after another.
    In the winter it slowed down and produced two slightly smaller pitchers with deformed lids. But since spring and summer the last three pitchers are totally undeveloped
    I will post a photo tomorrow- its dark out there now! But the pitchers start to swell up from the brown tips and almost straight away display the pitcher markings and open! But with the still furry brown appearance of a young pitcher tip. The tendrils are a good length though the leaves are smaller than last year.
    Its in the same position as last summer, and the light (good not direct sun), humidity good but not excessive, is also unchanged. I can understand when more pernickety Nep species stress out, but this is supppose to an easy vigorous hybrid And they are the ones I always seem to have problems with!!
    No sign of mites or other pests by the way..

    Any ideas?



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    Hi Bill
    Hows you?Just a thought,is it in the same pot as i find if the media compacts to much some plants dont like it maybe a repot in to some fresh and more airy mix could do the trick?
    Bye for now Julian

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