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Thread: Thinking about getting some plants

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    Does anybody know about how fast (increase in size, to maturity) the following nepenthes grow:

    N. lowii x truncata (does this increase in size as fast as truncata, or more like lowii?)
    N. ephippiata (how long until I start to see uppers on a 9" plant?)
    N. sibuyanensis
    N. burbidgeae (if I have a 10" plant, how long til it starts to make really big lower pitchers, and starts vining?)

    Your probably wondering why I'm asking all this, but I'll tell later . Thanks.

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    Hmmm, difficult questions, grasshopper.

    Lowii x truncata I've found slow, but admittedly I am in the middle of winter here. It grows at much the same pace as my lowii.

    Ephippiata, somewhat like lowii, can produce uppers quite suddenly once mature. A plant of the size you mentioned might be a year or two away from produing uppers. It is a slightly faster grower than lowii.

    Sibuyanensis I've found a steady grower, it won't break any records, but will plod along quite happily in the rights conditions. Mine took about 3 years from a 5" plant to flower.

    Burbidgeae is a funny one. It has bursts. It will grow at a glacial pace for a while, then have a sudden burst where it will produce much larger leaves, then plod on for a while etc. As a rosette plant it will generally be slow, but when it starts to climb, it can be remarkably rapid.

    Demystifying Nepenthes:

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