the site is now updated:

-the new Nepenthes of Laos is online, with only one note regarding the new N. sp. 4

-a new forum has been created right to keep up the discussion about the Nepenthes of Indochina, join us at the WildJungle

-the X-plants page is online, with all the indochinese plants that are still not well identified, including sp. 1, the first candidate for being the TRUE thorelii

-a new plant has been found near Aopanga, check it out in the South Map, note 5, or at the bottom of the x-plants page

-Nong has started the Lid Experiment, trying to classify the plants of his vast collection using the lid shape and glands distribution on its underside.

to reach more easily the above updates, check the bottom of the homepage: www.nepenthesofthailand.com