Hi, my Prof for Aquatic and wetlands plants was noting to me in class the other day he could never keep an example of a Utric alive because they try to go dorment and die on him. Is there a tropical species that does not go dorment that has real ovious blatters and diagnostic features that doesn't need an insain amount of growing space? If so, if anyone happens to have an extra chunk of one they would be willing to send me for propigation that would be really cool. I'm able to take care of the new temerate ones he gave me from the ones he collected this summer, but he just doesn't have the time or means to do so himself and I would love to be able to give him one he could keep in his fishtank of examples. Most of the plant in there are already tropical relatives of the local ones so a tropical Utric should fit right in.

I gave him a little D. adela (sp? been too long) for his Drosera example and he was thrilled, lol