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Thread: U. nephrophylla seed viability

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    U. nephrophylla seed viability

    I've read that Orchidioides / Iperua seed have a short shelf life in general & U. humboldtii & U. nelumbifolia probably mark the lower end of the range with their 'special' seeds. It looks promising for me to have some U. nephrophylla seed in the coming weeks (& possibly U. longifolia seed in a few months). It seems that this type of seed rarely makes it into the ICPS seedbank for distribution & I was wondering if this is due to overall scarcity or to short viability (or both).

    Does anyone have any ideas how long seeds from these groups remain viable?
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    It probably isn't even worth waiting. Why not sow them immediately, send the plantlets out to those interested, and send the profits you made to ICPS? Waiting will only decrease the success rate.

    The seed is designed to be sown quickly, as with most, if not all utricularia seed.

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    i'd go with jeff's advice also. the time span for the viability of Utricularia, especially those of the Orchidioides is very short...i would sow them on a moist paper towel, and sell/trade the plantlets.
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