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Thread: Is Utricularia for my bog ok?

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    Is Utricularia for my bog ok?

    Hello Tf'er

    I have some issue with birdzila and squirrelzila They seems to love to dig on my mini bog a lot!!! And they only dig where there isn;t anything growing, and you bet how annoying it is. and they spread the media all over the place. Once they dug a hole in my mini bog the media water level seems to dry out rapidly, I occasionally found my VFT cover in perlit and peat. I was thinking to throw in some ultricularia in the mini bog, since they have vigor grow will cover the mini bog is matter of few months, but the problem is will it actually choke my other CP and even cause to death?

    I want to put ultri there because Ultri flower continuously I bet it will make my mini bog look pretty.

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    It depends upon what you define as a minibog. There's lots of variation.

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