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Thread: Trying some fancy Utric seed

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    Quote Originally Posted by RL7836 View Post
    Barry had something that fit your description of U. humboldtii germination (Here's the post on the ICPS site but I believe he took the pics down... Here's another one of some U. nelumbifolia germination.

    Yes! The second link was it! (
    Thanks Ron, might have helped had I been looking in the right place...
    Great macros in that thread and since they are of U. nelumbifolia the thread may turn out to be a bit relevant for you swords! Picture updates as this develops?

    Thanks Ron!

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    What I was told and seemed to infer based on the reports online was that if kept moist with out being wet the seeds of the rapidly germinating species could be kept from germinating and green for weeks (up to 2-3). However, if they dry out they are pretty much toast. If you can see the embryo inside the seeds (humboltii, nelumbifolia, etc) drying out seems to be the biggest threat to survival. Testing things with hard small seeded utricularia and using longifolia as a test model. Not a member of ipurea or orchioides they seem to produce small hard seeds that take months to germinate. Longevity unknown. Seed storage conditions hard to say also. Testing them right now.

    In the mailing trials:
    Group 2 was in a vial that had a paper towel as a stopper: the paper towel stopper was lightly moistened and should have provided a higher level of humidity during the trip

    Group 1 was in a sealed vial with plastic stopper: no additional moisture was given save what ever was in the air when I sent them.

    The trick seems to be to provide some moisture without free water. With excess water the seeds/seed pods developed fungus.

    One odd note. Freshly collected seeds seemed to take their sweet time to germinate vs those that were held in moist/high humidity conditions. Most my beta testers reported that they would germinate in 24 hours or less. Freshly collected took about 2 days for me. It is almost like the shipped seeds were primed and ready to go.

    I have no idea how this applies to the small, hard seeded members of the terrestrial Ipurea utricularia. I need some to test one day

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