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Thread: Question of survival

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    I thought the clones were regular and Betty's bay. What other forms are there?
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    Utricularia are invasive indeed, and without attention collections can go very awry. The best method I found for species purity is frequent restarts, and never depend on a single pot.

    Plants newly acquired should always go into quarantine....for sure! If there is enough to divide, divide it immediately on its arrival into a good clean mix, don't wait for problems to manifest.

    Self seeding species should be grown in isolation and in closed scenarios. I love Mach's ship in a bottle!

    Frequently check the bottom of pots for escapees.

    Allow the water tray to become dry before adding water.

    ....and to address the topic:

    Utricularia thrive outdoors, but they seem VERY prone to sunburn. I used layers of white garbage bags covering open terraria...beginning with like 3 bags and reducing over a month to none.
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