It's all the same plant.
It been in there since i got it in august, back then it only had 2 mature leaves( one of them isnt visible in the picture)
When i got them, it was allrdy in that pot with the spag.
its standing in about 1-2 inches of water.
Before i tried it just between my neps but it did not seem to like the humidity there.
The first 2 months the glass had a lid on it, but i removed it bec the newest mature leaf got too tall.
The only water it gets is tapwater and i havent fed it yet, but there are springtails in the pot and it has a lot of big (1mm) traps so i think it gets enough to eat.
Temps atm are around 20c by day and 15c at night (68-55ish f)
Not too sure about how much light it gets but i think somewere between bright shade and dappled sunlight.