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Thread: U. Sandersonii, Longifolia, Reniformis...

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    U. Sandersonii, Longifolia, Reniformis...

    I'm tired of utrics invading my growspaces, so I'm dedicating old aquariums I found in the past at garage sales and so on, to each type I have. That'll be 5, hehe. U. Sandersonii, Longifolia, Reniformis, Livida and Tricolor. U. Sandersonii is in both my fishbowl and a new tank, and is pretty much the fastest to spread so far. U. Tricolor is in the TV terra, just coming back from near death by drought. And Livida just completely took over my exoterra.
    I'm collecting corks to make a useable backdrop for the exoterra, that's going to be a project that might take a while.
    Here's some pics
    U. Livida along with cephalotus rooted leaf pulling

    U. Tricolor

    U. Reniformis

    U. Sandersonii

    U. Longifolia

    The setup

    Thanks for looking!
    Grow list...

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    they look so dry?

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