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Thread: Growing terrestrial Utrics

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    I have recently sent out quite a few cuttings of terrestrial Utric and I thought this topic might be helpful to a bunch of people. This is my method for growing these guys (I also use it for my Genlisea.) I am sure there are other methods so I invite others to share.

    Media: straight peat or milled sphagnum. Some people like to add a bit of sand but I find that this encourages algae.

    Potting: You have two choices here, drained or undrained. For drained pots just keep them on the tray system. For undrained pots I add water to just about media level and then wait till the medial is just damp then repeat the process (this can be anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks.)

    Light: Almost anything works well for these. I have grown them under a single 18" fluorescent tube, in bright sunless windows and in full sun.

    Temp: 50 degree minimum but best around 70-80

    I hope this info is of some use to somebody. Good growing


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    I used to agree with you that the inclusion of sand in the mix seemed to cause more algae, but after some experimentation I find that alage growth doesn't really correspond to growth media, but is instead introduced to individual pots like an "infection". The only dependable way to get rid of it is to take a portion of the plant that has almost no soil on it (maybe a chunk that has grown out of the pot, or some that you can peel off from the edge of the soil mass) and repot it in in fresh media.

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