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Thread: Reinformis in terrarium

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    "...I'd advise against wasting time trying to germinate utric seeds..."

    Hmmm, but propagating plants throughout seed has one main advantage :
    different clones !!!

    seeds of u. humboldtii or U. nelumbifolia should be very fascinating... (germination within some hours, embryo visible throug the seed shell,...)

    btw... very nice homepage...

    btw2... if you know a source for U. quelchii or one of the Australien spezies with the big traps, let me know....


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    You are correct about adding variety and I was not trying to say that no seed should be sown. I was just stating what I am starting to see and Dodec has pointed out a few times, that being that usually by the time you contact someone who has seed and then they package and ship the seeds to you the seeds have usually "expired." That being the case it is probably better for the grower who flowers his/her plant to sow the seed and to then distribute the new plants when they are ready.

    As for quelchii, I have learned there is at least one grower in FL and I have been told they post on the listserv so maybe you can track them down there. I wish I could give you a name but I have been unable to dig it up.

    Finding the Australian species is also rather difficult Your best bet for these would probably be Lowre. Right now I am trying to germinate U. lasiocaulis and if I am successful I will of course try and distribute it to as many growers as can care for it.


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