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Thread: Superthrive

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    Hey, I was just curious, do you think it would influence their growth at all? I have never heard of superthrive being used on utrics, but I assume it may have the same benefits as on other plants?

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    I'm not familiar with the benefits that it has on other plants. I had always just assumed that it was hoax.

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    Superthrive (despite their snake-oil marketing tactics) is simply hormones, not real fertilizer (i.e. nitrogen, phosphorous or potassium or the trace elements) it's all chemicals. Any such plant hormone product will work the same as Superthrive which is basically "maybe it works & maybe it doesn't". I used to use Superthrive and now I never use it for making cuttings of delicate nepenthes, mounting orchids, etc... Plain RO water and rootone does the same thing as soaking in RO water and Superthrive. If you want to fertilize try to locate some Urea Free fertilizer (such as GroMore) which has real nutrients and micro nutrients but will not burn your delicate plants with it's form of nitrogen (of course you will use it diluted even more tahn on the container when you use it for CPs), I've started using GroMores orchid bloom formula (6-30-30) on my U. livida and the results are quite good thus far.

    just my .02!

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