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Thread: On growing genlisea

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    I see people sharing their methods for growing Genlisea in another thread, so I thought I would chip in. I have never had any problem growing them, except for the fact that I find it necessary to transplant them if I want growth to continue. I believe this is similar to Utrics where its good to renew the medium they are in. Mine are in a mix of peat, milled sphag, perlite. I dont think medium is that important. Good lighting, high humidity, wet medium during the wet season (summer), slightly dryer during the dry season (winter). That's about it. It is important to realize that some of them can be very slow growers. For me, these are G.aurea and especially (did I say ESPECIALLY) uncinata. This is the most stubborn CP I have ever grown. Otherwise, I find the others (violacea, sp giant vio, sp.Ita beauty, "filiformis" (later reIDed as pallida), repens and hispidula) very easy and pretty fast growing.

    I'd love to trade for other Genliseas if anyone's got some extras.


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    I agree that utrics often benefit from repotting, but I almost never repot genlisea. I find that they grow in cycles, and will occsionally stop growing for a while, but will return to growth a few months later. I find that once they are established in a large clump, they increase quite quickly.

    I have only ever grown them in my terrarium, so I haven't experimented with lighting or humidity. I water mine uniformly year round, although the water level in the trays varies from 1cm below the soil surface to completely dry.

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    I have my hispidula growing in living sphagnum, sitting on top of dead sphag. The water level goes between two to three centimers below the soil level, and right now (considering the plant is on a SLIGHT hump of sphag) the bottomost leaves are covered by a light skin of water...

    Uh. Its liking it alot, lots of new leaves. Very pretty plant. Do you think the moss can survive it this wet though?

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