Quote (adnedarn @ May 29 2003,10:09)
speaking of this clone have you spec or anyone growing longifolia have short leave life? *they brown from the tip in. *But many new leaves grow. *So, it isn't like the plant isn't happy. *Congrats again spec!
I've got the same problem with mine. I thought i was going to lose it when i first got it, because the few long leaves one by one began turning purplish-brown and drying up, covered with a whitish layer. Now, it's sending up lots of little leaves all through the pot, but the biggest leaves in the middle keep dieing off after about three weeks in the same fashion. I don't know enough about longifolia to know if it's too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry, too bright, or what.
There's no 'a' in perlite.

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