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Thread: U.sandersonii - silly rabbit!

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    Hi y'all,

    I've got two interesting photos to go along with my questions:

    I have a u.sandersonii that has been flowering constantly for about half a year and I've noticed that some of the leaves are turning yellow. Is this old age or is the flowering using up too much of the plant's energy? I know this may be a problem with vfts, but haven't heard anything about it with utrics.

    Okay, on a different u.sandersonii cluster, there's a old flowerstalk that's a bit reddish, and a plant (complete with roots and flowerstalk) growing out of it. Is this normal? Perhaps high humidity?

    A flytrap ate my homework!

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    The yellowing is normal, and plants seem to go into a bit of a decline after a long period of flowering. It will eventually stop flowering. You should probably start a new colony soon.

    The little plantlet with the flower is pretty neat. I have not seen that before, but it doesn't surprise me that it happened. Utrics have a pretty disorganized growth patter even at the best of times.

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