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Thread: Stupid idea of mine....

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    It is now 4:49 am and I havent slept, Ive been working on my website all night long......

    So Ive been thinking, what would happen if I put some utrics in the refrigrator for I put them in, U. sandersonii "blue" and U. dichotoma

    Now how long does everyone think I should leave them there?
    and who thinks they will flower when I take them out

    This might turn out to be interesting/enlightening/stupid

    Good thing these things multiply quickly

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    Experimentation is never stupid. Without different people trying different things where would our state of knowledge be? I doubt that a stay in the fridge will much hurt your plants. Whether or not something arises as a result is anyones guess right now, but once you run the experiment you will have more than a guess. All experiments are valuable, even the ones that fail to produce the expected results. Please keep us informed as to what you learn.
    "Grow More, Share More"

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