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Thread: Hong Kong Utric Surprise

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    Hi all,

    I got a nice surprise today. Someone send me some unexpected utrics from Hong Kong.

    They are:

    U. aurea (acquatic)
    U. caerulae (terrestrial)
    U. striatula (epiphytic)
    U. uliginosa (terrestrial / submerged)

    Now, here I stand, and don't know how to cultivate them.

    If anyone has experience with these species, please let me know. Otherwise I will just cultivate them the standard way for the respective group and hope for the best.

    Cheers, merry etc.

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    Utricularia striatula is a lithophyte in habitat, and will be the most difficult to maintain. Dodec maintained his by regular division of the stolons. I think he mentioned to me that this plant is an annual in habitat, as is U. caerulea. I will defer to the Master in this ;-) and let him add his own comments.
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