That is a stunning example of U. sandersonii Blue Flower. WOWEE! Best I have ever seen blue ribbon winner for sure!

Jim, you might want to consider putting the U. livida under lights? I canf't say why it isn't flowering, this species is very willing to do so. In my collection it has been everblooming since 2001.

I can't say for sure which I love the most, Drosera or Utricularia. Part of my problem with Drosera is I know too much to simply enjoy them...I am caught up in their taxonomy, distribution, variation: they are a research subject....but Utricularia are just plain pretty, and the only thing I do to confirm their identity is to try to find other photos that look the same as mine, and occasionally to bug Dodec with questions regarding ID. So there is a lot less academic interest and more aesthetic appreciation.

Utricularia always seem to be presenting some new and exciting development: suddenly scapes are poking up all over, or there is a rush of growth, fortunate (and random) self fertility, abberations like bladders on lollons (apologies to Gardenofeden for using that self coined term), cool unerground stolons (or rollons, if you dare) bedecked with bladders growing out of the drain holes....I could go on and on about the charm they present.