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Thread: Making u. gibba flower

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    would it be too late to make it flower? does it need sun? should I half burry it in peat or should it be laying on top of the peat? how much water should it have? is it supposed to be just moist or half underwater?
    how long does it take since you do it until you can see signs of a flower?
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    If you're northern hemisphere then it's not the time to be expecting flowers. I have now started treating mine as a true aquatic to get some growth packed in before winter sets in.

    (Check the threads a few down from this as well)
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    For when it is flowering time... every time I saw U. gibba in flower in the wild it had a rather low water table and was absolutely overgrowing whatever pond it was growing in.
    Others, like U. intermedia, seemed to only flower when the water table dropped to just below the surface of the peat..
    Just my 2 cents..

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