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Thread: U. praetermissa

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    I am lucky to have been able to get some U. praetermissa. Can anyone with any wisdom suggest any tips for me?

    It is going to go into my tank with other utrics like endresii, asplundii and quelchii (very humid 10C-25C). Humid and condensing water. Live sphagnum-perlite mix. Semi-shade to diffused bright light.

    Is this a plant that does the semi-dormant thing on occasion?

    Thanks anyone!


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    Rob Howe.

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    Hey Rob,

    I have only had my plant of praetermissa for about 4 months but it is already growing out the bottom of its pot so I feel comfortable in what I say here. I basically grow it like I grow all my Orchidioides. Media is an equal parts mix of orchid bark, tree fern fiber and perlite or clay pellets. On top of this I lay a 2-5cm layer of live and LFS. The pot is one of those mesh water lily types. I have it in a tray but seto n a styrofoam block so it does not sit in water. Top water when the LFS starts to dry. Light is 4 120cm tubes, 2 Sunlight 2 warm white, hung about 30 cm above the plants. Temps are a pretty steady 15C but can dip to 5C on really cold nights and hit 20C on really hot days.

    I do not know from experience that this plant does the dormancy thing but it has been suggested to me that it might behave in a manner similar to the one Belanger ascribed to endresii in his CPN article years and years ago.

    Hope this helps and enjoy your plant.
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