I have both forms, and find the smaller 'Enfant Terrible' to be the less demanding of two. For me, both forms sit doing nothing, and then burst into unpredictable growth. An article in Carniflora Australis explained how the grower grew his in potting soil kept watered like a houseplant with monthly applications of orchid fertilizer. The results were up to 3 flowering events per season for him. His plants were greenhouse grown. I believe that this species also needs room to run, and this means a large volume container due to the size. Much of the plants growth is below the surface and things can get pretty cramped fairly quickly. I found that division sparks rapid new above ground growth, so if yours is languishing you might want to experiment. For me, the experiment was initiated by squirrels using my container to bury nuts. They tore the plant to bits and I thought it would be a loss. The actual result was a forest of new growth.