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Thread: Zealous newbie introducing herself and her VFT!

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    Newbie here, with her very first post!

    I am Caro, I have JUST started my Venus Fly Trap obsession and it is exploding into a furious fire! I received one from Equilibrio yesterday and paid $20 (shipping costs included) and received what I thought was going to be a 6+ year old Dionaea typical, but unfortunately, had 4 or so measly, shut, 1/2 inch traps. I had already anticipated the plant to be a tiny one, but this small for a 6+ year old?? Oh well, maybe it's still Spring here in SoCal (albeit blazingly hot).

    I'm still excited and am gingerly taking good care of it nonetheless, slowly trickling bits of distilled water a few times a day, exposing it to vivid California sunlight and placing it in a glass water tray.

    Unfortunately, I wish I found this forum before I had purchased my plant from Equilibrio, evidence strikes me here that fellow fanatics and caretakers swap, sell, or give away hearty, healthy, blushed plants that seem to be a handful of years old, yielding, lush, gigantic 1-inch traps in profusion. I would have been MORE than willing to purchase a plant from an American member here. I've seen some of your pictures and was absolutely thunderstruck by the enormous, abundant traps, with the most attractive crimson colourings. (seethes in jealousy) Hence, I don't think I will be ordering from Equilibrio ever again. This website also has affordable fly traps, I wonder how young/tiny they are.

    Pictures of course, of my very first Venus Fly Trap. I am quickly going to order/purchase/find more that are older, larger, redder ASAP.

    ----------Sorry, ignore the Lost DVD set! (Crazed fan of that, too)

    Hee, so I have some general quick questions:

    1. The humidity here is approximately 50% (so says for my zip code). I still like to trickle an ounce or so of distilled water on it 4 times a day, is this too much? Or too little?

    2. Judging from my pictures, about how old would you guess my VFT to be, and how long might it take for it to reach 1 inch traps if I take care of it diligently?

    3. Would it be too much for this tiny plant if I fed it an ANT in one of its traps? (One is slowly opening back up)



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    Moved to introduce yourself too, since she did! LOL!!!!!!!!
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