Hello all

I'm here to do a little kootchy-kooing and see if I can't entice some more auction donations!

Folks... we are coming into the home stretch! *Five more days left. *BUT...IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO MAKE A DONATION! *

Last year I believe our max number of pages of donations was five...and not a full page five. *We have just hit page SIX! *Let's see if we can't fill this page up.

It is ESPECIALLY important to raise a lot of money this year since we are going to sharing the proceeds with Botanique. *Rob Sacilotto of Botanique has given NASC quite the nice plug on his web site. *(Thank you Rob!). *Botanique has thousands of beautiful and IMPORTANT Sarracenia and we really need to make sure these plants aren't lost. *Rob has big plans to save this collection and he is going to need OUR (NASC and all CP lovers) help to do this. *Please bear this in mind and dig deep to donate so we can ensure these plants stay in cultivation.

Remember...we take cash donations. *And it can be something as small as ping leaf and as big as a...as a...N. albomarginata "purple/black" (hehe)! *

Some VFT cultivars would make a great addition!

For everyone who has already donated, for those who have GENEROUSLY donated, you have my and all the Board and members of NASC deepest thanks. *We appreciate so much the effort you are putting in to this auction.

PLEASE dig deep and see if you can't find a little something to spare. *It doesn't even have to be a plant. *Anything that will get a bid is appreciated.

We are in the homestretch coming in to the finish (Sunday, June 18th, 8PM Central).

Lets make these last auction days an exciting one!