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Thread: Red Dragons

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    I have always been amazed at the Red Dragons and was thinking of finally getting some. But is it too late in the season. To get them and put them under for hibernation. How would you deal with this? Keep them out for the first year? Any help or idea's or revelations would be greatly appreciated.
    On a lighter note. My regular VFT's have been attracting a boatload of daddy long legs. They must have 15-20 with legs sticking out of traps. I found this odd because They have to kinda lean in to get caught. Maybe the scent attracts them. Just weird. They have always done well on their own.
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    If the people who you are buying the red dragons properly from are growing them properly with seasons, then you shouldn't worry about purchasing them now, because they would already be starting to go into dormancy, and you would just put them right into it and they should be fine, I think.

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