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Thread: Leaves without traps and some other questions

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    Leaves without traps and some other questions

    Some recent traps on 2 of my dionaeas are looking a bit weird, don't know why. They are 2 growing points from the same clone, and they were divided and repotted 4weeks ago. All the others are fine and growing normal leaves. I also didn't find signs of any kind of pest.

    Looks like there's a normal trap coming again on this one

    Now about flowers, Currently this is the only flower stalk I have, but I'm tending more to cut it off than let it grow, 4 weeks maybe isn't enough time for them to settle down from reppoting and flower. For reference those are 7cms pots.

    And my final question, the larger divisions haven't shown any signs of growing new leaves yet, any hints why? Shock from transplanting? For additional info (useful or not), I can add that they sent more than one flower stalk.
    I'll wait for opinions

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    I'd guess all of the above are from transplant shock, or maybe the roots dried out a little when waiting to be repotted. The deformed traps could be from Tissue Culture weirdness. Give 'em time, they should sort in a few weeks.

    I repotted two of my typicals a while back. One of them had leaves that curl down tightly towards the rhizome when out of the soil and I repotted it a couple times and probably stressed it more than I should have by pressing it down to keep it from popping out. The first three or so traps were small and deformed but it looks like it's recovering finally. It took over a month, not showing any new growth for a couple weeks. The other plant didn't do anything for a couple weeks but then started putting out smaller traps then before but quickly started producing bigger traps.

    Personally, I'd clip the flower.
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