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Thread: hardy?

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    One quick question here to :P
    Can I grow Dioneas in climate zone 7? In a greenhouse.
    At least I think its climate zone 7 :S Im swedish so .... I dont get lower temps then -15 for a couple of weeks in winter here.
    I found a website that converted US climate zones to european so..

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    Dionaea muscipula is generally a zone 8 USDA winter hardiness zone plant. You should be able to grow them outdoors but will have to provide protection during the winter - pots buried in the ground and mulching/cover or an indoor location where they will get some sunlight and temps slightly warmer than outside. If the greenhouse is coldframe (unheated) you may be able to grow them there year round, depending on how cold the greenhouse gets in the dead of winter. Worst comes to worst you can refrigerate them during the winter to provide dormancy and protect from the cold outdoor temps.
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