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Sam, you never received any Petite Dragon x Jaws from me. I did, however, send you some Jaws x Petite Dragon plants in February, correctly labeled. These plants were grown from seed obtained from the the stated breeding and, as a result, each plant will have unique genetics and may or may not look anything like their siblings. Some have dentate cilia, others do not. Some are more red than others. Some are larger than others. That is the exciting thing about cross breeding. What you get is somewhat a crap shoot.
Hey Bob! Glad you could post to help out .

Whoops... got the crossing reversed... my bad! Sorry. And I'd have to agree with that statement... I think you sent me 2 or 3 maybe because I noticed that some of the cilia were somewhat denteish and somewhat normal, mostly normal, slightly dente, mostly dente, etc. it is really quite fascinating to see. Thanks again!