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Thread: Dying traps and leaves

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    Dying traps and leaves

    I know that you all have said that "every plant has leaves that die", but I am a little worried about my new fly trap because many of the leaves have started to turn black.

    Full Sun
    Day temp: average around 90 F
    Night temp: avg in the 60's F
    I use the tray watering method, but the rhizome is never below water level.
    Humidity is usually 50%-60%
    I use distilled water.
    I live in Hollister, CA. One hour from San Jose.

    I was wondering if too much sun could cause this...

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
    Also, if I forgot anything, just let me know what info you need.

    Whole plant
    Blackened leaf
    Another blackened leaf and trap

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    From the photos it doesn't look like anything to get worried about to me. Those appear to be the oldest leaves beginning to turn black.

    Your cultivation conditions look ok to me also, however I'd back off on the watering. People get mixed results in keeping their VFTs in flooded conditions. The basic guides tell us to avoid waterlogging the roots. However some growers keep their VFTs flooded with no ill effects. The factor maybe how hot and dry the ambient conditions are but no definitive surveys have been made.
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    Too much sun or heat wouldn't be issues. One of our most successful growers, who specializes in VFT's, is doing this from Arizona. What would be an issue is if there was a rapid change in its growing conditions, like going from partial sun to full sun and/or a recent purchase and a major change. Perhaps the soil became contaminated... or the water? Too many traps at once indicates that there is something beyond the normal expiration.

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