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Thread: Whats the lowest temp they've survived for you?

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    Whats the lowest temp they've survived for you?

    I live in new york, zone 6, however i live in a micro climate where it tends to be colder. I have a pot full of venus flytraps that are about 6 years old. They are a mix of rescued dente and typical. Now that winter is coming soon im wondering if i should do the same thing i did last year. Last year all i did with my vft was i left them on a table outside. Thats it. Left them in the pot on an old table. That winter temperatures fell to -15F for two weeks. In The spring my vft came back with vigor.

    Whats the lowest temps your "i shouldn't be alive" vfts have survived?

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    Where in NY are you? Doesn't sound like NYC or LI! BTW, I am in East Aurora, near Buffalo. sounds like you are either near me or in the "north Country?. Mine are toted to the attic for the winter, where the temps are close to freezing. A few years ago I had them at a screened in porch. The pots froze one night but the plants were fine.

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