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Thread: Wot's in da Trap?

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    Wot's in da Trap?

    If you're not around to see what the flytraps catch you can sometimes make out its meal by holding up the leaf against a light source. Usually you have to wait for the trap to open.

    This 'Sawtooth' trap caught three meals. One right after the other. First was a "hover fly". A day after the trap reopened for business it caught one of those iridescent green-orange "turd flies". After that a spider. None of the other traps have caught anything on their own. I suppose as in the restaurant business the 3 most important things are Location! Location! Location!:

    Next - The "Bee" in the 'B52' (groan!)

    Finally - the slobbering 'Cupped Trap'
    This plant flowered constantly from Feb thru Aug as a result trap production suffered. It seems incapable of catching anything on its own as the traps don't close enough on the initial closing. I fed it a cold stunned cricket which managed to get partially out of the trap before it tightened its grip. A few days later digestive fluid started seeping out:

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    I always see yellow jackets buzzing around the traps... nothing else.

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