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Craig, You don't need the cling film and you can reduce the water level in the bottom of the tank. The cling film is unnecessary for humidity, VFTs do fine in low humidity as long as you keep them well watered, and will tend to trap heat inside the vivarium. I top water my plants and allow it to overflow the water tray. That way I know the soil is saturated and it helps rinse out any mineral build up that might be occurring from the rain water I use for watering. The side walls of the vivarium will help keep the humidity up a little, too. As for getting it to pick up its growth again, it just needs time to recover from the aphids. That plus lots of sunlight and plenty of pure water and it will be a good looking plant again.
thanks i taken the cling film off and iv bought my self a humidity gauge and a temp sensor was only cheap but gives me an idea... but its above 50% and its above 20c so its pretty decent Conditions and i think its picked back up the VFT as i can see one leaf of new growth ill post pictures when i finally get a new trap on it.