Hi Courtney! It's cool that you're also from San Francisco! Funny thing, I just signed up for BACPS! I've been to their site and their forums is pretty new and not so well developed. I would love to go to a meeting or event, but it seems like the events will take place this summer, the summer which I am going travel around Asia. Nooo... Oh if you hear anything about meetings held by BACPS please inform me, I'm eager to go, make new friends, perhaps purchase plants, and share my new hobby experiences with fellow CPers!

I've seen Flowercrafts site through yelp.com. Do you know if they carry Chilean moss, or long fiber sphagnum moss (preferably any brand but Mosser Lee)? How long have you had your VFTs and what kind do you have? Did you purchase your VFT at local nurseries? If so which ones in SF? I know Sloat Gardens has VFT's but they're pretty expensive. They're the same ones I got at Home Depot for $5, and they were much healthier looking too.

*Update* I went to Flowercraft today, and no success. I guess Mosser Lee it is!