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Thread: Newbie questions about water, pH

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    The college may be able to set you up with the water, whether it be RO, distilled, or deionized. I worked at an environmental laboratory that gave me all the free deionized I wanted.

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    Andrew -

    Thanks, good info again. Now I see why there's so little mention of dissolved solids and pH in all the newbie growing guides. In meeting Dionaea's exacting demands, those measurements can't wander off target very far until the plant has been potted several years. So, I guess most people either kill them off or learn the advanced stuff long before those factors come into play.

    Jim -

    I think I should be ok on water, but if they'll hook me up I'll be glad to bring the jugs!

    Mostly, I'm hoping I can pick the expert brains there, and perhaps get good growing media and healthy plants from them. I think they always have full bog gardens for sale, but I don't know if they sell individual plants and supplies all the time, or just during their big Sale Events. I'd rather support them and avoid buying stressed plants of unknown origins from retail stores or online if possible.

    I think I'll go back Tuesday (the sun is supposed to be back out then...), see what's what, and take pictures of their CP room for you guys, as requested. Funny thing, I originally wandered in there to ask them about vermicomposting. Now I see why they have their CP room up front. It sucks you in - no pun intended.

    I'll post an update after my next greenhouse visit, and hope to have enough material for a nice photo thread featuring Dr. Mellichamp's babies.

    Thanks again... more soon.

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