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Thread: VFT Collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmm889 View Post
    yeah I get square pots of ranging sizes, I picked up a pack of 12- 3'' square pots for 1.45 just yesterday down the street ... their pretty thin and light but... work for what I need em for
    What kinda tray do you have under them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmm889 View Post
    that actually was the hardest one to get ahold of believe it or not... and even though I got that one its about... a 1/2'' big at the moment and to my understanding it was the last one this grower had...
    if you give me a season I'll try to have a division with your name on it?
    Wow! Thanks for the offer! I'll definitely take you up on that. I have some plants to trade for it and I'll likely have more once I get my tissue culture going full force.

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