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Thread: Best variety

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    Best variety

    Ok so.. as far as venus flytraps go i have 3 typicals, 1 dente, 1 red, dragon, 1 red pirahna, 1 Big Vigorous, 1 Big Mouth, and 1 cross teeth. I have two questions. What are the biggest know trap breed of venus flytraps? is it B52 or is it Big Vigorous? and, what other traps are a good add to my collection that are somewhat exceptionally different? i was thinking cupped traps, fused tooth, sharks tooth, and pink venus.. idk what are some good ones that i am missing?

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    "Best variety?" Who is to say?

    So far, it is the B52 that is credited with generally having the largest traps to date, if that's what you're after; although, I have had "typical" clones which have produced traps over 5 cm (2") at the height of Summer and a "Big Mouth" at 4.4 cm (1.75") . . .

    A great deal of it has to do with age and proper cultivation; though I do prefer varieties which color up nicely under the sun and actually function like a venus flytrap, unlike a few clones on the market . . .
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    For me, it is a Red Dragon.. It seems to be out growing all my other VFTs. Here's a picture:

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