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Thread: New Photo's Plus NEW Slug Snail Free Table.... & More

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    The science is perfectly sound.... the same things happens when you have older dental fillings and chew on a piece of aluminum foil

    it is a very unpleasent sensation LOL

    The fact that they have to cross an aluminum/galvanized (whatever it is)-copper junction on your table makes it very likely indeed

    Just a side note, its potential voltage would be increased if the copper is insulated from the other metal... this would also help reduce galvanic corrision

    well done Noddy, nice tek!

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    May be it will help a couple of people at least 1 extra person knows now if not more...

    After all I have spend a lot on the FUSED TOOTH's for example, and I don't want the SLUG's to eat them...

    On another note slugs make good bait for perch fishing in the autumn ...

    I'll help where I can ;-)


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