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Thread: VFT overfeeding experiment

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    I should wait until I get home to try to read it all. I'm at work now; my mind's still all mush.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veronis View Post
    No, these are TC plants that have been under fluorescents for many many moons. They'll go outside next Spring and start their regular dormancy. They're definitely not trying to go dormant.
    how many moons are we talking about?
    if its more than 12 moons, they yes, they could be trying to go dormant..even though they have always lived under grow lights..
    or if its too many moons, they might actually be starting to weaken and die from lack of rest..
    which could also skew your test results..

    im just saying..
    these probably arent the best plants on which to conduct such an experiment..
    because they have never experienced a "normal" growth cycle..and you have no way of knowing how they are *supposed* to be reacting right now..

    and this is definitely the worst possible time of year to conduct such an have too many variables..too many other things that could be causing your plants to slow down, apart from feeding..

    you need healthy adult plants, that have been through at least 3 or 4 dormancy July..when you know they will be only reacting to food and no other variables..

    otherwise its just really not a valid test..sorry..


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