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Thread: fertilizer question

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    fertilizer question

    Is there anything I can put on my flytraps to help them out? I remember reading about something a while back. Where the plants are at currently they are likely to see few to zero bugs hardly ever. My small baby plants I planted a year or so ago are still pretty dang small.

    Just recently I moved and they get a bit more sunlight now in their new location and are outside and they seem to be doing a tad bit better but still not that good it seems. I have the old big moma plant that made seeds which are the little ones I'm talking about and the big moma plant is pretty small now too. I thought it was going to die a while back as all it's traps turned brown and it got really really small but its slowing coming back now and has one trap that isn't really opening.

    I've been always using distilled water/rain water and they are growing in orchid moss... so is there anyway I can help them out?


    Oh, BTW, just to comment. I was at Lowe's the other day and they had just gotten in a big shipment of carnivorous plants and they had all sorts. Adaleas, purple pitches, red pitches, tons of fly traps and other tropical pitcher plants. Had never seen that many there before... so picked up a new big flytrap and then got to wondering why or how theirs looked so awesome and mine sucked so bad...

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    Flytraps should be dormant this time of the year. Assuming they are in dormancy they may look a little smaller and have dead leaves. You can trim them back if you want, keeping all green parts of the plant.

    Traps should be unresponsive during dormancy so I wouldn't worry about feeding them now. Actually I have never worried about feeding them. Provided they are outside and getting at least 8 hours of full sun, thier fully functioning traps will catch enough insects on thier own.

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