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Thread: It's genetic!

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    True it'll take a while, but "anything worth doing...". I'd also be interested to see what percentage of "early bloomers" you get if you do a cross with a given typical, for both in and out of glass. I'm not sure what sort of concern there would be for decreased fitness due to repeated selfing, but be sure to remember to do a batch of seeds in vivo and one in vitro to control for that. But you probably realized that already. :P

    It's unlikely that anyone reading this thread (other than me) will even remember the "early bloomer" by the time it is verified in vivo
    Maybe, but I looked forward to be reminded!
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    I'm just wondering Mmlr38, how did you get an interest in tissue culture, and how did you start? I've been researching it and it seems like a very interesting hobby, but is it really as difficult as some people say to sterilize all of the materials and grow plants in vitro successfully?
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