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Thread: Trap Sealing Timelapse

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    Thanks, Devon.

    And I forgot to answer that, seedjar: I think my tripod was a solid $5.99. LOL. The tripod I used in this one, at least. I used a Gorillapod for the Drosera capensis one I posted, which I'd say is a nice tripod. I guess it's just because I set it and left the room for an hour or whatever - didnt' really give it the opportunity to jiggle. ;p

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    It wouldn't be hard to add a display with a readout by setting the timer to pulse quickly and then using another chip to count 100 short pulses (or any multiple of pulses for that matter) before triggering the shutter. You'd have to wait a moment after adjusting the time so that another circuit could clock the short pulses and figure out what effective speed it's set to, but it's totally doable with cheap parts. Switching between AC and battery power is also easy. If you wanted to be really flexible it could be done with a programmable digital chip which would give you lots more options and likely improve battery life, it'd just be slightly more expensive than analog parts. In fact, it appears someone has already implemented such a thing on my favorite prefab microcomputer board:
    Doesn't appear to have a display, but adding one is child's play with something as richly featured as the Arduino.
    Hmm... honeyjar... could there perhaps be a relation...?

    PS - If, as the blog says, the cheapest digital intervalometers are $140, I can definitely do it cheaper. Much cheaper.
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