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Thread: Summer Traps . . .

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    Summer Traps . . .

    The plants are finally producing some sizable Summer traps; and more wasps seem to be on the menu this year, than I can ever recall. I really don't have a problem with that development . . .

    D. muscipula cv. "B52" 15 July

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    Wow those look great bigbella!
    I just finally noticed i got some seeds from cross pollinating the VFTs that flowered this year. I almost tossed them out thinking i didn't get any seeds cause i squeezed them and they weren't hard and i cut them off and saw a seed!! Then i went through the ones i was gonna toss away and saw seeds hidden in them too. Not that many but enough to be grateful i checked again! My first ever VFT pollination success!! Im thrilled - your traps look so nice i really wish someday i could have a huge pot filled to the MAX with VFTs like you do in your pictures. Mine keep eating house flies and then the traps turn black and yucky i don't think house flies are good meals for them idk why they are turning the traps black in spots or killing off the traps but it looks gross and its effecting the plants visually i hope they aren't effecting them health wise wise ill have to make a thread for help. Thanks for sharing your photos your plants are always beautiful

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