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Thread: dente pic - what a difference

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    Quote (technoracer @ Aug. 10 2002,08:49)
    that plant looks great!

    my dente doesn'thave any red at all. *it get's drect sunlight from about 7 am till 7 pm. *in ohio. *temps range from 60's at night to 80's in the day (those are the temps now, was higher). *only use distilled water and a little supertrive. *i've had the plant about a month, maybe a month and *half. *my6 regular vft's turn red but not my dente. *

    is this normal? *am i just impatient?

    In my case, I got the plant in early May, and robust coloration started appearing in mid July. After the first two months, I'd given up on the dente turning red, and then a sudden explosion of color during the past month. Unpredictable plant indeed.

    Incidentally, the plant started turning really red after catching its first mosquito. It's caught 2 more since, and it's getting increasingly redder. Can I make the conjecture that mosquitos make VFT's red, or is it just coincidence? Maybe mosquitos that recently sucked human blood make VFT's red? Any expert comments? I'm relatively new to this.


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    mosquito's, huh? maybe i'll have to become a blood bank, then grab the little buggers and feed them to my dente! thn again, west nile virus... maybe not.

    techno in ohio
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