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Thread: Where can i buy a VFT?

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    You can always look at the pictures of the plants in the buy a plant section.

    Also we have some other pictures in the gallery.

    If you would like, you can email me and I will see what I can do for you.


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    i understand how it is getting a VFT from a garden supply shop....
    i recently got 2, the better 2 they had in stock at the time....and to tell you the truth, they look a little down...
    i recently posted a topic here, asking how i can replant my VFT and the reponse i got from Oli G was GREAT!!...
    tomorrow i'm going to another garden supply shop and getting material to replant my VFT, tanx Oli G....
    i've always liked challenges, and this is a challenge...trying to make these VFT live and survive and turn out awesome!!!!....which i hope i come out good....
    my question is mostly to the owners of the store (jaie, etc), but if nebody could would be most appreciated....
    i live in Melbourne, Australia; and i guess shipping might be a bit risky for a plant, overseas....i wouldn't have a clue if this store does ship overseas....but i am interested in purchasing a VFT from this the amount of happy customers this store has obtained, i really would like to get a VFT from here.....

    ne feedbak is mostly appreciated...


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