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Thread: Red Dragon Help

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    Looking for an update ! [img]http://www.**********.com/iBhtml/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif[/img]

    how is your plant doing?

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    Okies, Here is an update on my plant. It seems to be doing much better. It started producing new traps and its red color is coming back.Right now it has lots of traps, the traps are small though,i thought they would get bigger. None of them are big enough to catch anything,will they get bigger or not? Like the original traps that were their when i got it havent really gotten bigger at all. Their stalks did extend out and some of them hang out over the pot,but the heads are still not big Am i doing sumthing wrong? I live in ohio and every morning i wake up,fill the plants tray with water and set it on my back porch,where it gets direct sunlight all day?Then at night i take it in and water it cuz the tray is usually empty. Is their anything else i need to do? My other varieties of venus flytraps seem to be growign much faster. Right now,im growing the red dragon, the green dragon and a normal one. My green dragon is big but all of a sudden recently his traps and leaves have started to blaken at the ends? What should i do about this one as well? hrrrm,any general tips for me would help as im still a beginner at growin these things. thanx

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    Morbidmac, sometimes we forget that vft's (all cp's) are plants, and in most ways act like any other plant. Leaves will turn black and die, as long as it's producing new leaves to replace them its o.k.. I keep my plants out at night and that seems to be the time they catch most of there food. your watering them find, and keeping them in the sun will keep them happy. As for red dragons, mine is stronger and larger then my typicals. Its petioles are narrow and about 3 inches long with traps over an inch. Good luck, Jack.
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    MorbidMacaroni, Is there a reason you can't leave your VFT's outside at night like squirrels, mice, or neighborhood kids? If not and the night time temps are nice (50F or warmer) leave them outside. Top off their water before retiring and they'll do fine.
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    Hi there Morbid Mac

    You know I have mine planted in with my other vfts and it does fine. They all are outside or on the window sill.

    One thing I would like to mention though from my experience is that they do better if you let the tray run out every once in awhile there was a thread here where a few other members also said it was true of thier plants as well. For some reason they are more likely to get root rot than the others. Dont let the soil dry out of course but keep it from being sorta soggy all of the time.

    If your plant is real tiny you may want to take a trip to the petstore and see if they carry flightless fruitflies to feed it.
    That should get a growth spurt going!
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