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Thread: SW Giant Photo

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    Ok now you realy have me conused I have 2 that I had boughten last summer that look just like them I asked for a giant form of vft and left it at that. When I got it I just figured that they sent me a large common vft. Could someone tell me the difference between the 2?
    The ones I have the traps are between one 1 1/2"- 1 3/4" and look just like that they are outside getting all the sunlight that they could ask for and yet they only have a little red like the ones in the pic.

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    Quote: from Alvin Meister on 6:16 am on May 10, 2002

    My SW Giant photos! I don't have a camera so I had to do them on a scanner. I scanned the ruler in separately since I didn't have enough hands to hold it with (I had to hold the scanner above the plant which wasn't easy:) ). The ruler is the same percentage zoom as the plant and I know it's easy to fake it, but you'll have to trust me on that. I can't wait for 2" traps in summer!

    Finally, a photo of a fully grown SW Giant in summer:

    (Edited by Alvin Meister at 11:44 am on May 11, 2002)


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